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Jewelry care tips

Taking good care of your precious jewelry make your loved pieces last a long time, and you will always be proud to wear them anytime for all occasions!

Basic jewelry care
  • Take off your jewelry before coming into contact with water, i.e., take it off before bathing, swimming.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry during intensive exercises due to heavy aspiration
  • Avoid spraying perfume on the jewelry, as well as applying hair spray, body lotion, deodorant. Make sure to remove all your jewelry and place it out of contact reach before doing so.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry during sleep.
  • Clean your jewelry pieces with a soft cloth regularly
  • Store them properly in a cool, dark and dry place. It is the best to store them in separate bags or in a jewelry box to avoid scratching, pressing and damaging

Silver tends to tarnish over time, it depends on our body chemistry and the environment. However, with proper care measures, you can make your silver pieces always shine

  • Apply the Basic Jewelry Care Tips
  • Due to the soft nature of 925 Silver, it is normal to bend; especially the 925 silver earing studs, just gently bend it back gently
  • Always clean your silver pieces with a soft cloth, don’t rub them with tissue paper or paper towels as they may cause scratches because of the fibres in the products
Amethyst, Topaz, Pearl
  • Apply the basic jewelry care tips
  • Prolonged sun exposure may cause damage to amethyst, topaz, pearl and other natural gems
  • Excessive heat may cause gems to crack and damage irreversibly
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